Getting support

We are proud of the level of support we provide to our customers and are pleased our support is rated excellent by our customers.

Once you get started with our modules, they start to become a very import part of our IT infrastructure provisioning and maintenance. Therefore we provide make provide extensive documentation and support on our modules.

You can access the documentation of our modules at our documentation site

You can access our support portal over here, or send a mail to

Access to the source?

After you have bought an entitlement, you can provide us with two GitHub accounts. These GitHub accounts can access to the GitHub repositories for our products. Here you can see examples, explore tips and tricks and browse through the Open Source code.

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Your own features

When you have implemented your own functionality and want us to integrate it into new versions of the module and support it, you can provide us with a pull request. We will review the request and merge it into the product. We reserve the right, though, to decline a request.

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