German Financial Institution uses Enterprise Modules for the provisioning of Oracle database and Weblogic

German Financial Institution adopts Enterprise Modules for the provisioning of Oracle database and Weblogic The company recognized the need for a fast and consistent way to provision their IT infrastructure and deploy their application. To achieve these goals, they started using Puppet to provision the IT infrastructure. The company is a long term user of the Oracle database. For their new application, they also recently adopted Oracle WebLogic. Since these components are at the core of their infrastructure, they wanted to use Puppet for Oracle RDBMS and Weblogic too.

Puppet modules for Oracle and WebLogic

To provision and configure the Oracle database and the WebLogic software, they decided to use the puppet modules from Enterprise Modules. Before puppetizing their Oracle and WebLogic configuration, the process of provisioning Oracle database and WebLogic environments used to be a manual process, often performed by third party consultants. This has proved to be time-consuming, error-prone and expensive.

IT Architect

We are now able to install, create and configure a full Oracle Database and Middleware environment consisting of multiple databases and in hours, as opposed to the days or weeks it previously took.


Using the Puppet modules from Enterprise Modules, the company is able to fully automate the provisioning of new environments as well as the ongoing configuration management and patching of existing environments. What was once a resource intensive and highly error prone process has been transformed into one that is automated, predictable and low risk.

Results after implementation Enterprise Modules:

  • From 30+ days to 2 hours, rapid provisioning.
  • Savings; no longer need to engage 3rd party consultants.
  • 25% Reduction in test defects due to elimination of configuration defects.

Why not use the Open Source?

At the start of the project, The company used the Open Source Puppet modules for Oracle and WebLogic. These modules provided a lot of value at the start. At a later stage during the project, the Open Source product could no longer full fill the company’s requirements. The modules from Enterprise Modules proved to be a better fit for the company. Especially the quality of support.

IT project manager

Whenever we report questions or issues, they are solved in a heartbeat. This helps us tremendously in keeping up the speed of our project.