The db2_secured::apply defined type allows you to define your own subsets of controls. Although we have helped you by providing some predefined sets, you probably want to express your own control sets.

How does it work?

The db2_secured::apply tries to translate the specified set name into a list of controls. It does this by doing a hiera lookup wet the key: db2_secured::sets::set_name where set_name is the name of your set.

The value returned needs to be an Array of Strings. Here is an example of this:

  - secure_control_is_set_in_listener_ora
  - secure_register_is_set_to_tcps_or_ipc
  - audit_sys_operations_is_set_to_true
  - audit_trail_is_set_to_db_xml_os_dbextended_or_xmlextended
  - global_names_is_set_to_true
  - o7_dictionary_accessibility_is_set_to_false