Default this wls_install module uses oracle as weblogic install user. You can override this by setting the following fact override_weblogic_user. For example:

$ export override_weblogic_user=wls


set FACTER_override_weblogic_user=wls

Override the default WebLogic domain folder

Set the following hiera parameters for software.pp

  wls_domains_dir:   '/opt/oracle/wlsdomains/domains'
  wls_apps_dir:      '/opt/oracle/wlsdomains/applications'

Set the following wls_domains_dir and wls_apps_dir parameters in

  • wls_install::software
  • wls_install::domain
  • wls_install::control
  • wls_install::packdomain
  • wls_install::copydomain
  • wls_install::fmwcluster
  • wls_install::fmwclusterjrf

or hiera parameters of wls_install::software

  wls_install::software::wls_domains_dir:      *wls_domains_dir
  wls_install::software::wls_apps_dir:         *wls_apps_dir