Better accessibility of our blog

Blog Accessibiliy The Puppet world is in constant flux. This means there is so much to learn and so much to teach. We are committed to providing you with a regular stream of high-quality technical blog posts. To keep all posts easy accessible, we have made some changes to our blog section.

Every blog post now contains a section that shows you related posts. This change means you can easily find your trail through all of the blog posts.

More consistent categories

We now use a more consistent set of blog post categories. This should help you find your content easier. We now use the following categories:

  • DevOps - Contains articles about the DevOps philosophy in general
  • puppet - Puppet-specific stuff. Not related to Oracle WebLogic or TIBCO.
  • testing - Tools and approaches for testing Puppet code and infrastructure
  • oracle - How do you setup and manage Oracle using our Puppet modules
  • WebLogic - How do you setup and manage WebLogic using our Puppet modules
  • Tibco - How do you setup and use Tibco using our Puppet modules

Better tag cloud

The blog section now contains a tag cloud. This allows you to easily move from article to related article and find all the stuff you need.


We have made all our blog posts searchable. Use the search bar on the right side of the screen to search all blog posts.