Enterprise Modules introduces guaranteed automated provisioning of your Oracle database

Enterprise Modules introduces guaranteed automated provisioning of your Oracle databaseSome people think that is time-consuming to automate your Infrastructure. Well… it used to be, but not anymore. We have been gaining more and more experience with puppet and our Puppet modules for Oracle. So much experience that we now can guarantee you, you will have an automated build of an Oracle database using Puppet and our modules within a week.

The startup service

As of January 2018, we now have a service called the startup service. With this service, we help our customers to automate the provisioning and deployment of their Oracle databases. Part of the service is that we guarantee that within a week you’ll have a fully automated standard database running on your infrastructure.

Good starting point

Our experience shows that this is an excellent starting point to customize the automation to your needs. Together with our partners AMIS and Conclusion XForce we can deliver you required Oracle and Puppet knowledge and skills to master any challenge.

Oracle RAC and Puppet

But we can do a lot better than standard. Using our Open Source Oracle RAC puppet module, we have successfully assisted customers with fast and consistent provisioning and deployment of their applications on RAC clusters.

How about database security?

This year with GDPR, database security becomes more and more important. If you want to be sure your database is secure, we can help you to. Using our Oracle Security module, we have supported numerous clients in securing their databases. Using Puppet Enterprise and our Puppet module, we will make sure your database conforms to the CIS Oracle benchmark in just a couple of minutes.

Want to get started?

We would love to demonstrate how our solutions can help you increase the speed of our application delivery in the Oracle database world. Contact us for details.

info@enterprisemodules.com or by phone: +31 (0)30-601 6000

About us

Enterprise modules is the leading developer of enterprise-ready puppet modules for Oracle databases and Oracle WebLogic. Our puppet modules help sysadmins and DBAs to automate the installation, configuration, and management of their databases and application server systems. These modules allow them to make managed, consistent, repeatable, and fast changes to their infrastructure and automatically enforce the consistency. We are a proud member of the Conclusion family.

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