Make your Oracle Cloud migration successful with Puppet

Make your Oracle Cloud migration successful with PuppetToday Conclusion Enterprise Modules introduces tools and a methodology to assist our customers with the migration to the Oracle cloud. Many of our Oracle customers are currently working on or planning their migration to the Oracle cloud. But without proper tools, a sound methodology, and the right partners, these transitions become high risk and tend to take a long time. Together with our partners, we can provide our customers with the perfect combination of tools, methodology, and skills.

Configuring Oracle Cloud with Puppet

Today we introduce the oci_config puppet module. The oci_config module extends the Puppet language to contain types needed to create and manage the lifecycle of objects within your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Although this is traditionally the domain of Terraform scripts, being able to manage these objects with Puppet, has proven to be a big plus for many customers. For example:

  • Your organization is already using Puppet and not terraform. Introducing a new tool into your organization might be more then you want or need. In these cases, Puppet, in combination with this module, is a great help.
  • You want to use existing hiera data to configure parts of your OCI infrastructure. In this case, using this module is great. It integrates with all of the existing hieradata, just like your other Puppet code.
  • You need tighter integration between OCI configuration in general and the configuration management on your systems. Again, this module is for you. It is regular Puppet so you can use all of the rich puppet features like exported resources to integrate all of your configuration settings both ion the cloud level as well as on the machines.

This module provides the same functionality as the Terraform provider for OCI.

Our approach

Based on our experience with multiple customers, we have developed a method to make your Oracle cloud migration a success. We have noticed that first beeing able to reproduce the current set of systems is key to increasing the speed and decreasing the risks of these migrations. Using Puppet and our Puppet modules for Oracle databases recreating systems with your Oracle databases is easy and fast.

After you are able to recreate tour systems, the next step is building the OCI configuration itself. You can do this with either Terraform or Puppet. With our new oci_config module, both approaches lead to success. What is the best choice for you depends on your current situation.

The right expertise

Moving to the Oracle cloud requires a mix of knowledge. You need to know about the Oracle products. You need to know about the Oracle cloud, and you need to know about the tools used like Puppet and Terraform.

Our partners

To make your transition to the Oracle Cloud a success we work, together with multiple partners:

Together we can make sure your transition to the cloud goes as smooth and fast as possible.

Want to know more?

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