Ensure compliance of your fleet of Microsoft SQL Server databases

Ensure compliance of your fleet of Microsoft SQLServer databases Microsoft SQL Server is one of the most popular databases in the world. Along with its popularity, there are challenges such as: “how to keep all your databases updated and secured?” or “how to avoid extra compliance and security costs of each database?”. Enterprise Modules comes with an answer for those questions, announcing the affordable and supported mssql_secured module to help you ensure compliance of your entire fleet of Microsoft SQL Server databases, with just a line of Puppet code.

Puppet helps you to keep your infrastructure secure

The Puppet was designed to manage your infrastructure configuration, and it always has been a great tool to do this task on a big scale. It ensures every 30 minutes that your infrastructure configuration is up to date. On the Puppet Forge, you can find modules for ensuring the CIS compliance of your Linux systems Although this is great, it is not enough. You also need to ensure compliance at, for example, the database layer. Until recently, however, there were no such modules available.

To answer this need Enterprise Modules created a set of secured modules allowing you to ensure cis compliance for Postgres, Oracle, and from now on, Microsoft SQL Server databases.

Enterprise Modules announces the Microsoft SQL Security module

Based on discussions and questions from our customers, we have designed and built (security) compliance modules for databases. Besides our ora_secured and pg_secured modules, we now also have the mssql_secured module.

The mssql_secured module is the Puppet implementation of multiple security-related controls. At this point, we support:

We are currently working on:

  • CIS Microsoft SQL Server 2017 V1.2.0
  • CIS Microsoft SQL Server 2016 V1.3.0
  • CIS Microsoft SQL Server 2014 V1.5.0

The mssql_secured module works great in combination with tools like for example Puppet comply.

Affordable way to secure your infrastructure

Our customers want somebody to help them ensure compliance. That is why we provide full support and consultancy on this module. If you are interested, contact us to show you how easy it is to get your ROI. We are committed to helping our customers enjoy all the benefits of Puppet and Puppet Enterprise for all components in the IT infrastructure of large enterprises. Both open-source and non-open-source components. This addition to our portfolio of modules is another manifestation of our commitment to enable the DevOps way of working and enable our customers to move fast but safe.

About Enterprise Modules

Enterprise modules are the leading developer of enterprise-ready puppet modules for Oracle databases and Oracle WebLogic. Our puppet modules help sysadmins and DBAs to automate the installation, configuration, and management of their databases and application server systems. These modules allow them to make managed, consistent, repeatable, and fast changes to their infrastructure and automatically enforce consistency.