The Latest CIS Benchmark for IBM DB2 version 11 Is Now Available for Puppet

The Latest CIS Benchmark for IBM DB2 version 11 Is Now Available for Puppet You want to sleep better at night knowing your IBM DB2 data is safe? You want to feel confident in your ability to protect your IBM DB2 data? You want to use the solution for your latest IBM DB2 versions? We can help you! The Center for Internet Security (CIS) has recently released the first version of its IBM DB2 11 Benchmark, and we’re excited to announce that our DB2 Puppet security module now fully supports this. This means that you can use Puppet to automate the CIS compliance of your DB2 systems to meet CIS security recommendations.

Why Should You Care About the CIS Benchmarks?

If you’re responsible for the security of enterprise data, you should care about the CIS Benchmarks. The CIS Benchmarks are vendor-agnostic, consensus-based security configuration recommendations. They’re developed by experts in the public and private sectors, and they’re recognized as industry best practices. Since the release of the first CIS Benchmark in 2005, they’ve become an important part of many organizations’ compliance plans.

Using Puppet to Automate Compliance with the CIS Benchmarks

Puppet ensures that your systems and databases are set up as you intended. This includes all of the security-related settings. It immediately detects any departures from your intended configuration and corrects them. The DB2 Puppet security module builds on this capability and broadens the process to involve DB2 database domains.

In addition to automating compliance, Puppet can also help you manage DB2 configurations at scale. For example, if you need to make a change to your DB2 configuration, Puppet can help you ensure that the change is made consistently across all of your servers. This can save you time and help you avoid configuration drift—when server configurations drift out of sync due to manual changes.


With our DB2 Puppet security module, you can now use Puppet to automate the compliance of your DB2 systems with the latest CIS Benchmark for version 11. This means that you can easily meet CIS security recommendations without spending a lot of time configuring each individual system. In addition to automating compliance, Puppet can also help you manage DB2 configurations at scale, which saves you time and prevents configuration drift. Using Puppet in combination with the DB2 security module is an industry-best practice for enterprise data security.


Enterprise Modules is committed to helping our customers enjoy all the benefits of Puppet and Puppet Enterprise for all components in the IT infrastructure of large enterprises.Including IBM DB2 databases. This module is a strong addition to our set of modules and shows our commitment to help you manage your IBM DB2 databases.

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