Get In-Control of your compliance and vulnerabilities

Get In-Control of your compliance and vulnerabilities Our customers tell us that staying compliant and securing their IT infrastructures is a major source of stress. Common issues experienced include feeling overwhelmed when it comes to preparing for EDP audits, difficulty in establishing where to begin the process, needing efficient solutions for remediation across fleets of systems, as well as tackling compliance sets such CIS benchmarks on multiple platforms, including databases and cloud environments.

Announcing in-control

The Enterprise Modules portfolio of products have been helping customers reduce the burden of these issues, however, it was not enough. To further support our customers, we are launching a set of tools to help them efficiently manage compliance and vulnerabilities across their fleet of systems and cloud environments. The focus of this portfolio is the In-Control application which provides centralized control over all controls and vulnerabilities within an environment. This includes discovery, reporting and enforcing security compliance assessments such as CIS benchmarks and vulnerability management.

In-Control offers much more than just visibility into your environment, though. It allows you to prioritize the work needed to keep your systems secure and compliant.

This is done by providing an easy to use graphical interface that allows you to quickly assess why a control has failed the check and take the necessary steps to remediate it. In addition, In-Control integrates with your Puppet infrastructure, allowing you to report on deviations from the controls and enforce those deemed worthy of enforcing.

Show control state

In-Control is a powerful tool that gives organizations peace of mind knowing that their IT infrastructures are secure and compliant. With this application, customers can save time in preparing for audits, reduce risks associated with non-compliance, deploy fixes across fleets of systems faster than ever before, and keep track of compliance sets such as CIS benchmarks on multiple platforms, including databases and cloud environments.

Our security modules

To further support our customers and make things easier, we are also announcing the linux_secured module that integrates well with In-Control. We will soon announce a significant update of our Oracle security module that integrates with In-Control. Later this year, our other security modules for DB2, Postgres, and MSSQl will also be integrated with In-Control. Finally, we will expand the security modules to include Windows and selected cloud environments in order to provide comprehensive coverage of all IT infrastructures.

By combining Enterprise Modules’ powerful portfolio of products with In-Control application, organizations can now reduce their risk landscape related to compliance and vulnerabilities across their fleet of systems and cloud environments.

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