In an era of increased regulatory changes, organizations are reassessing how to effectively allocate their resources to comply with imminent regulatory changes. While the most obvious consequence of non-compliance is severe monetary penalties and fines, non-compliance can pose deep operational challenges for organizations that struggle to comply. Banks paid an excess of $42 billion in fees for non-compliance infractions in 2016

Puppet and our module to the recue

In general, IT automation can help you buck this trend — letting IT operations teams proactively deal with inevitable compliance-related work. With its desired state management, Puppet is particularly well suited to facilitate the IT teams with these tasks. But the target of compliance is not only the OS. Databases and middleware systems also need to adhere to the compliance rules.

Our Puppet modules for Oracle, WebLogic, and IBM messaging are vital in providing IT-teams easy compliance in these domains too. If you like to know more, please contact us.

You can also start to explore our Puppet modules for Oracle by checking out our playground. Here we guide you around in some of the functionality of our modules.

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