Enterprise Configuration Management

The Puppet Forge contains a lot of high functional Puppet modules. But some of them are very old, and some of them are of dubious quality. Some of them are well maintained and others. have been lacking updates for years. Another issue with the Puppet Forge is if and how modules can fit together in a large Puppet code base.

Our ECMF framework

Enterprise Modules is committed to serving our customers with easy to use Puppet modules. The target of our Open Source Enterprise Configuration Platform (ECMF) is to overcome most of the issues mentioned before.

ECMF is a framework that allows multiple existing modules to work together. We build it upon the same mechanisms we use to build our highly successful integration module ora_profile and ibm_profile.

Our goal is to allow you with just one line of Puppet code to define all of your systems’ functions and configuration, whether it is a database system with MySQL, or a database with Postgresql. Whether you use a check_mk monitoring agent or you are using Zabbix for your monitoring.

You can configure all of these Enterprise-Wide settings through hiera. If you like to know more, please contact us.

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