Faster Time to Market using our modules

The accelerated pace of business change, demands faster time to market. It’s no longer acceptable to take weeks to provision and configure your systems for a new application. Your IT department needs tools to make sure you don’t miss out on any business opertunities.

Fast initial installation

Using our battle tested Puppet modules, you can be sure installation of your new systems is done quickly and consistently. The modules provide a lot of sensible defaults, so there is no need for extended design sessions. But if you have special requirements, the modules allow you to tailor the installation to your needs.

Quick response to new business requirements

The work is not done when a system is installed an your application is installed and creating revenue. Changes are part of life. Installing security patches, increasing the size of the database because business is going great. Changing the settings of a server in order to guarantee maximum performance for your customers

We take care of your infrastructure

Our Puppet modules modules for Oracle are build and supported by seasoned Oracle DBA’s and WebLogic Specialist. They allow you to focus on just the stuff that makes your application run. All the small little details are taken care of by our modules. But if your setup requires special settings, our modules allow you to tailor your installation to your specific needs. Check the descriptions of our Puppet modules for Oracle Database and Oracle WebLogic, for an overview of the functionality.

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