About us

Enterprise modules is the leading developer of enterprise-ready puppet modules for Oracle databases and Oracle WebLogic. Our puppet modules help sysadmins and DBAs to automate the installation, configuration, and management of their databases and application server systems. These modules allow them to make managed, consistent, repeatable, and fast changes to their infrastructure and automatically enforce the consistency.


The People behind

Bert Hajee (Co-founder)

I’ve been working in IT for more than twenty-five years, mostly at the crossroads of technology, (project) management, software development, and IT infrastructure. In those years, I’ve seen the improvements in software development. The agile methods allowed us to build software faster and to better adapt to the customers’ changes. But software without the infrastructure to run on doesn’t deliver value!

The last couple of years have been exciting with the introduction of the DevOps movement and the development of good configuration management tools like Puppet, Chef, and Ansible. These developments have allowed us to extend the agile product cycle into the real delivery of systems. I’m proud and pleased to be a part of these exciting times.