Getting support

Enterprise Modules uses github and gitter to provide support. These tools allow us to interact fast and concise with our customers and provide you with the best support possible.

You can access the documentation of our modules at our documentation site

How to get access?

After you have bought an entitlement, you can provide us with two GitHub accounts. These GitHub accounts can access to the GitHub repositories for our products. Here you can see examples, explore tips and tricks and browse through the Open Source code.

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Registering issues

These accounts not only get access to the product repositories but also get access to the Github issue tracking system. Here you can register all your issue’s and questions. When you register an issue, our support engineers get notified and get to work to solve your issues.

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Find information

We use the GitHub wiki system to provide you with clarifying articles. Stuff that’s on the wiki includes:

  • How best to use the modules
  • Specific gotchas and possible workarounds
  • Tips and Tricks

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Your own features

When you have implemented your own functionality and want us to integrate it into new versions of the module and support it, you can provide us with a pull request. We will review the request and merge it into the product. We reserve the right, though, to decline a request.

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More interactive help

Besides Github, we also use Gitter for a more interactive exchange of information. We have the following gitter rooms:

  • There is a gitter room for every product (and repository). You can use these rooms to exchange information specific about this module. You can ask questions, but are also asked to participate actively. In the top of the README from every product, there is a link to the associated gitter room.
  • We have a gitter room that is accessible only to Enterprise Modules customers.
  • A public gitter room. This room is public and allows us to interact with any one who wants.

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