Quick turn-around’s and fast feedback are essential

Quick turnaround’s and fast feedback are essential during the development of infrastructure code. Coding infrastructure on your fast local PC or workstation is one of the ways in which you can achieve this. Sometimes, however, this means a sharp increase in licensing costs - Not for our modules though.

Free for Development

Modern infrastructure development is unthinkable without tools like VirtualBox, VMware and Vagrant. These tools allow you to simulate part of your companies infrastructure right on your PC or workstation. You create and edit the code on your workstation. Using the tools you like and you know. After the changes, you can directly run and test it in the VM’s simulating your companies infrastructure.

We recognize the need for local development and keeping licensing costs down. Therefore, we allow you to use our modules for FREE on VirtualBox VMs during development. This allows you not only to develop your infrastructure code with the real stuff but also to try our modules before you buy a license. Check our licensing page for a precise description of the terms.