Integrated into the Puppet eco-system

Downloading and accessing our modules is seamlessly integrated into the Puppet ecosystem. Enterprise Modules provides it’s own forge like access. This means all your tools and processes can remain as they are.

From the command line

When using Puppet from the command line, you can download our modules using the following syntax:

$ puppet module install

In this example, we use one of our own modules, but you can also download any puppet forge module this way.

$ puppet module install 

This way we provide optimal integration.

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Using librarian-puppet or R10K

Downloading our modules using librarian-puppet or r10k, is just as easy. Just add forge '' to your Puppetfile

forge '' 

mod 'puppetlabs/stdlib'
mod 'enterprisemodules/ora_install'
mod 'enterprisemodules/ora_config'

Just as when using the command line, you can mix modules from enterprise modules with module’s that are located on the Puppet forge.

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