We help customers automate the creation, maintenance and compliance of their entire enterprise IT infrastucture. Our supported puppet modules for i.a. Oracle, WebLogic and IBM MQ assist sysadmins, and DBAs automate the installation, security, configuration, and day-to-day management of their databases and application server systems.

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Detecting and resolving vulnerabilities with Puppet

The vulnerability in log4j has once again shown us that detecting and resolving vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure can be a daunting and very time-consuming task. The best way to ensure that you can easily detect and fix these issues is to integrate them into your current way of working and your current set of tools. That is why Enterprise Modules has developed a set of puppet modules that allow you to integrate vulnerability scanning and remediation into your Puppet workflow.

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Cleanup temporary files in Puppet

In a Puppet manifest, you sometimes need to make a temporary file. For example, a configuration file to be passed to an installer. Naturally, you want to clean up behind you. But in the end, something as simple as this turns out to be rather complicated. Unnecessary complicated. So that’s why we made a solution for that.


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