We help customers automate the creation, maintenance and compliance of their entire enterprise IT infrastucture. Our supported puppet modules for i.a. Oracle, WebLogic and IBM MQ assist sysadmins, and DBAs automate the installation, security, configuration, and day-to-day management of their databases and application server systems.


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Our Oracle modules for Puppet now support Oracle 21

We have updated our suite of Oracle modules for Puppet to support installing and managing Oracle 21 fully. Oracle 21 has only been available for on-premise use shortly. But to enable our customers to move to the latest Oracle Database version, we have already updated these Puppet modules.

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Gain control of your MQ versions and fixpacks

Many larger organizations use the IBM MQ as messaging middleware. Sometimes the IT infrastructure needed to run MQ can span a large number of nodes. This large number of nodes increases the issue of ensuring all systems run a correct fixpack or even a correct version of the MQ software. Having MQ running on multiple operating systems like AIX, Linux, Solaris, and Windows increases the complexity of this problem.


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