Oracle Cloud Migrations

We have designed our puppet modules to assist our customers to make a fast and easy transition to the Oracle cloud. The seamless integration between the Puppet World and the Oracle Cloud world is the major strength of using Puppet for these kinds of use-cases.

Puppet Enterprise in Oracle Cloud (OCI)

We have published a preconfigured Puppet Enterprise on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace. Using this “click-to-deploy” image, deploying a Puppet Enterprise server on OCI, is as easy as clicking a link. The Puppet Enterprise Server comes preconfigured with the puppet modules to manage OCI, Oracle Database, WebLogic domains, and IBM MQ.

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Oracle Market Place

Building your OCI infrastructure

Our oci_config module extends Puppet with the types and providers to manage OCI components. You can create volumes, instances, compartments. But you can also create and manage OCI network infrastructure as needed.

There is no need to learn a new tool like, for example, Terraform. Because it is just Puppet code and yaml data. All of the OCI data will be available in the PuppetDB, making it easy to integrate with other Puppet modules seamlessly.

Go to our FREE on-demmand Webinar to see you how to connect the Puppet Master to your OCI tenancy.

For the simple parts of your OCI configuration, we have done all the hard work. You only have to enter a list of your OCI components in yaml. Puppet will analyze the ordering and make sure the configuration is applied in the correct order.

But if your configuration is a bit more complicated, you can always fall back to Puppet and use the advanced language features.

The oci_config module

Migration Tooling

Our Oracle, Weblogic, and MQ modules contain tools to help you extract your on-premise systems’ configuration to an instance created in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. This way, migrating your systems and data to OCI becomes a breeze.

Our modules