Oracle 12.2 support added to our Oracle modules

Oracle 12.2 support added to our Oracle modules At the beginning of March Oracle released version of its database software for use on premise. To support our customers using or trying out Oracle 12.2, we have updated our modules to support this version as well.

A basic setup.

To show you how to get going. We will be changing our simple database over to Oracle 12.2. You can find this example here. This is a simple example that uses Puppet, our ora_install module, and our ora_config module to install a basic Oracle database.

Required tools

To get started, we expect you to have the following tools up and running on your system:

If you don’t have these tools, please check their respective websites and install them on your system,

Let’s get going

You can clone the example github repository this to your local system:

$ git clone
$ cd simple_db_demo

Then you need to download the required software. To do this, goto here

Download Oracle 12.2

You need to put the file into the directory modules/software/files. Now we are ready to start.

The example support’s a setup with Puppet Enterprise and a simple masterless setup. In this blog post, we are going to use the simple masterless (ml) setup. To start vagrant use:

$ vagrant up ml-db01

Here is the full output of this build.

What needed to be changed in our Puppet manifest?

Puppet is a language that allows you to describe how your system looks. So when you want to use a newer version of Oracle, the only thing that needs te be changed is the version number. Because our example setup also uses version numbers in the used paths, we also changed those. Here is an overview of the Github differences:

Required differences

Because Oracle 12.2 is more strict on used passwords, we also needed to change the password. But the changes are very limited. The ora_install and ora_config modules contained all the required logic to abstract most changes away from the users of the module.


We hope this article has shown you how easy it has become to move to a new version of Oracle. Puppet, and the ora_config module and the ora_install module. If you want to know more, please check out the documentation of these modules here for more information about this module and all the possibilities. If you are just starting, check out our FREE trial license to get going.