MAN Diestel & Turbo A/S uses Puppet Enterprise Modules for compliance

MAN Diesel & Turbo A/S MAN Diesel & Turbo A/S is the world’s leading provider of large-bore diesel and gas engines and turbomachinery. The product portfolio includes two-stroke and four-stroke engines for marine and stationary applications, turbochargers and propellers as well as gas and steam turbines, compressors and chemical reactors. 

MDT’s challenge

MAN Diesel & Turbo A/S continuously works on the improvement of the security of IT systems and components. They launched the ITSP+ project to reach a next level of security. The ITSP+ project focuses on requirements based on IT standards and best practices. These requirements needed to be implemented for the entire Oracle DB infrastructure. MAN Diesel & Turbo A/S was already using Puppet for the total day-to-day operational control and various other recurring tasks, so using Puppet for the Oracle DB infrastructure as well was a logical next step.

Floris Both, responsible for MAN Diesel & Turbo’s IT Infrastructure

Enterprise Modules is the only company today that has developed smart Puppet modules, enabling companies like MAN Diesel & Turbo A/S to have their security in place. Enterprise Modules proved it could do the job and their modules seamlessly fit in our Puppet provisioning- and management system. Combined with the fast response of their support desk we were able to be up and running and achieve our security goals within days. We now have complete control over our total Oracle infrastructure, without needing in-house Oracle expertise

The approach

MAN Diesel & Turbo A/S soon found their way to Enterprise Modules and its ora_config module. This module is designed to control entire Oracle DB infrastructures. Enterprise Modules provided MAN Diesel & Turbo A/S with a free 10 user license so that they could thoroughly test the module. During the testing phase, the professional support of Enterprise Modules was crucial. After 4 weeks, MAN Diesel & Turbo A/S decided to purchase licences for their total Oracle DB infrastructure. Thanks to Puppet and the ora_config modules, scaling and managing the Oracle infrastructure has become a very easy task.


By using Enterprise Modules, MAN Diesel & Turbo A/S is now able to guarantee compliancy to all its stakeholders. The security of its infrastructure is being checked continuously and the ora_config module reports deviations, if any occur.