Deprecated; Please the ibm_profile module.

This class is deprecated. The best thing, is to use the mq_machine class from the ibm_profile module. the ibm_profile module contains several steps that you can use to customize your OS setup as needed for MQ.

Old documentation

The class mq_install::installmq is a convenience class that allows you to install a specific version of the IBM MQ software on your system. Because MQ only allows you to install one version, this class also only supports installing one version.

Here is an example on how to use it:

include mq_install::installmq

This class is parameterless, but it calls the mq_install::os and mq_install::software classes. Those parameters can be set using hiera.

Experience the Power of Puppet for IBM MQ

If you want to play and experiment with Puppet and IBM MQ, please take a look at our playgrounds. At our playgrounds, we provide you with a pre-installed environment, where you experiment fast and easy.


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