The ora_profile::database class contains all the Puppet code to install, create and populate an Oracle database. This class is an easy way to get started. It contains the following stages (These are not puppet stages):

  • sysctl (Set all required sysctl parameters)
  • limits (Set all required OS limits)
  • packages (Install all required packages)
  • groups_and_users (Create required groups and users)
  • firewall (Open required firewall rules)
  • db_software (Install required Oracle database software)
  • db_patches (Install specified Opatch version and install specified patches)
  • db_definition (Define the database)
  • db_listener (Start the Listener)
  • db_services (Define Database Services)
  • db_tablespaces (Define all required tablespaces)
  • db_profiles (Define all required Oracle profiles)
  • db_users (Define all required Oracle users)
  • db_startup (Make sure the database restarts after a reboot)

All these stages have a default implementation. This implementation is suitable to get started with. These classed all have parameters you can customize through hiera values. The defaults are specified in the module’s data/default.yaml file.

But sometimes this is not enough and you would like to add some extra definitions, you can, for example, add a Puppet class to be executed after the systctl stage is done and before the limits is done. You can do this by adding the next line to your yaml data:

ora_profile::database::before_sysctl:   my_profile::my_extra_class

or after:

ora_profile::database::after_sysctl:   my_profile::my_extra_class

If you want to, you can also skip this provided class:

ora_profile::database::sysctl:   skip

Or provide your own implementation:

ora_profile::database::sysctl:   my_profile::my_own_implementation

This mechanism can be used for all named stages and makes it easy to move from an easy setup with a running standard database to a fully customized setup using a lot of your own classes plugged in.

Experience the Power of Puppet for Oracle

If you want to play and experiment with Puppet and Oracle, please take a look at our playgrounds. At our playgrounds, we provide you with a pre-installed environment, where you experiment fast and easy.