The ora_config module contains support for a broad range of versions and editions. Both in the Puppet eco-system as well as in the Oracle database world. Check the list below if your combination of products is supported. Contact us if your situation is not on the list. There are a lot more options possible.


  • Redhat 5,6 and 7
  • CentOS 5,6,7
  • OracleLinux 4.5.6
  • Solaris 10 and 11

Puppet versions

  • Puppet open source 2.7 and higher
  • Puppet Enterprise 2.7 and higher including the new versions 2016.x and higher
  • Foreman all versions using Puppet 2.7 or higher
  • Puppet 4 compatible

Oracle editions

  • Enterprise Edition
  • Standard Edition
  • Standard Edition One
  • Express Edition (XE)

Oracle versions

  • Oracle 11 including all patch levels
  • Oracle 12 including all patch levels