This class is the default implementation for making sure the OS sysctl settings on your system are set correctly for WebLogic.

Using hiera, you can customize some of the aspects of this process.

When these customizations aren’t enough, you can replace the class with your own class. See wls_profile::weblogic for an explanation on how to do this.


Attribute Name Short Description
list The required sysctl parameters for WebLogic.


The required sysctl parameters for WebLogic.

The defaults are:

    value: 65536
    value: 65536
    value: 2588483584
    value: 2097152
    value: 6815744
    value: 1800
    value: 30
    value: 5
    value: 30
    value: 4096
    value: 1048576
    value: '250 32000 100 128'
    value: '9000 65500'
    value: 262144
    value: 4194304
    value: 262144
    value: 1048576

Type: Hash

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