Our Oracle modules for Puppet now support Oracle 21

Our Oracle modules for Puppet now support Oracle 21 We have updated our suite of Oracle modules for Puppet to support installing and managing Oracle 21 fully. Oracle 21 has only been available for on-premise use shortly. But to enable our customers to move to the latest Oracle Database version, we have already updated these Puppet modules.

Move fast and safe!

Our goal is to enable our customers to follow the DevOps way and use pervasive automation to allow fast and safe deployments. To do this, we have always moved fast when new versions of Oracle products come available.

Full reuse of existing Puppet code

But doing extensive changes to your infrastructure code for every new release of Oracle would slow you down tremendously. Besides that, it would also be very risky and probably cost a lot of IT management time. Our commitment to our customers is that our Puppet code is fully reusable with all new versions of the Oracle database. Switching to newer Oracle versions becomes a breeze. We have designed our Puppet modules so that just changing the version number and providing a new zip file containing the Oracle 21 software is enough to build your infrastructure using the latest release from Oracle.

Easy tailorable for your environment

A recent addition to our family of Puppet modules for Oracle, is the ora_profile module. The ora_profile module allows a smooth path from the first simple installation to a fully customized Enterprise setup. It is part of our family of Puppet modules to install, manage and secure Oracle databases with Puppet. This module supports a simple single database installation up to multiple databases on an Oracle RAC cluster. So whatever your configuration is, the ora_profile module can support this.

Getting started

If you’d like to get started right away or want to discuss the possibilities, you can contact Bert Hajee. If you want to experiment with yourself, you can also look at our demo setup. The demo setup allows you to build an Oracle 21 (and other versions) machine using VirtualBox and vagrant on your Desktop PC or laptop. The perfect way to get a feel for the possibilities.

Learning about the DevOps super powers of Puppet with Oracle

Sometimes the best way to get “a feel” if a Puppet and Oracle will help in your use case, is to “play” with it. To Help you, we have created our “Oracle Playgrounds”. Here we provide you with a system with an actual Oracle database and Puppet and our modules pre-installed. In the descriptions tab, we guide you through the concepts the Puppet module provides. When you have finished with a concept, click the arrow on the right to go to the next concept. In the terminal tab, you can play around and explore the options provided. You can use the editor tab to create scripts and puppet manifests. You can find our Oracle playgrounds here


Enterprise Modules is committed to helping our customers enjoy all the benefits of Puppet and Puppet Enterprise for all components in the IT infrastructure of large enterprises. Also the non open-source components. This update is another manifestation of our commitment to enable the DevOps way of working and enable our customers to move fast but safe to the usage of new software products like the Oracle 21 Database.

Want to get started?

We would love to demonstrate how our solutions can help you increase the speed of our application delivery in the Oracle database world. Contact us for details.

info@enterprisemodules.com or by phone: +31 (0)30 219 38 00

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