Enterprise Modules introduces Puppet modules to manage your IBM DB2 lifecycle

Enterprise Modules introduces Puppet module to manage your IBM DB2 lifecycle We’ve been supplying puppet modules for large enterprise products for years. As of today, we’ve added another product to the list. Puppet modules for IBM DB2. The modules support the total life cycle of managing IBM DB2 databases. Installing the IBM DB2 software, installing fixpacks for the software, creating and managing DB2 instances and databases, creating and managing DB2 schemas, users, groups, and roles, ensuring CIS compliance of your IBM DB2 databases, and managing the security of DB2 objects like tables and views are all supported.

Suite of modules

The support for IBM DB2 consists of 3 supported modules:

  • db2_install (install DB2 software and fixpacks)
  • db2_config (Manage DB2 objects like instances, databases, users, schemas etc.)
  • db2_secured (Ensure CIS compliance of your fleet of DB2 databases)

Besides these supported modules, we also have an open source module called db2_profile. While the supported db2 modules contain small building blocks to build anything you like, the db2_profile is a module that helps you to get started with Puppet and IBM DB2 quickly. The customizability of db2_profile, ensures not only a fast start but also efficient use when your DB2 setup becomes more complex.

Get started right away

If you’d like to get started right away or want to discuss the possibilities, you can contact Bert Hajee.


Enterprise Modules is committed to helping our customers enjoy all the benefits of Puppet and Puppet Enterprise for all components in the IT infrastructure of large enterprises. Also, the non open-source components. This module is a strong addition to our set of modules and shows our commitment.

Want to get started?

We would love to demonstrate how our solutions can help you increase the speed of our application delivery in the IBM DB2 database world. Contact us for details.

info@enterprisemodules.com or by phone: +31 (0)30-601 6000

About us

Enterprise modules is the leading developer of enterprise-ready puppet modules for products from Oracle and IBM. Our puppet modules help sysadmins and DBAs to automate the installation, configuration, and management of their databases and application server systems. These modules allow them to make managed, consistent, repeatable, and fast changes to their infrastructure and automatically enforce the consistency.