Before the Puppet types can connect to WebLogic, they need some basic information. The wls_setting type is used for that. Here is an example on how you can do this.

wls_setting { 'wlsonly':
  archive_path      => '/tmp/wls_config-archive',
  connect_url       => 't3://',
  custom_trust      => 'false',
  debug_module      => 'false',
  user              => 'weblogic',
  weblogic_home_dir => '/opt/oracle/middleware12/wlserver',
  weblogic_password => 'welcome01',
  weblogic_user     => 'weblogic',

Connecting to a different node

In the example you can see, we configure the connection URL. This means that you can do these commands on a different system than the actual node you are investigating. So you can leave your production system as it is now and use an other system, to get the configuration information. Requirement is that on the system you are running this code on, WebLogic software is installed.