Within Puppet, you need to be able to uniquely identify a resource. A Weblogic queue name QUEUE in domain A is an other object than weblogic queue QUEUE in domain B. Puppet distinguishes between those two object by prepending the domain name. So the first queue is named A\QUEUE and the second one is named B\QUEUE. wls_config uses this naming scheme for all object titles. SO JUST FOR THE TITLES.

When you are referencing a Puppet object, in a require, before or notify, you are referencing the title, so you’ll have to use the full name including the domain. For all other properties and parameters, you ‘ll have to use a name without a domain.

Sometimes you’ll see a title without a domain name. In that case, the domain defaults to domain default.


An example:

  ensure   => present,
  password => '12345678'

But when you use this resource in an other declaration, you don’t specify the domain, for example:

  ensure   => present,
  users => ['myuser']